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Your Guide to the Breeder Organisation Dashboard

At PetSales, we have tried to make the Breeder Organisation Dashboard efficient and user-friendly. Instead of all the listings in one place, we have organised them in different sections based on what kind it is. This makes it easy for you to organise them. 

The first section of the dashboard is “My Profile”, here you can put in personal details such as first name, last name, phone number and address. There is also an “About me” section where we would suggest writing a bit about your organisation, as it can be used to add personality. An engaging “About me” section will attract more interested buyers to your listings.

When you’re ready to add a new listing, you can either click on “Create a Listing” located on the top right of the homepage, or “Add a New Listing” located on the left column section on the Breeder Account Dashboard. 

The “My listings” section is divided into detailed parts – the first section has all your listings (till date) followed by your active published listings. The third part consists of pending listings, these are listings that you mark as “pending” if an interested buyer has made an offer but the sale hasn’t been finalised yet. Below that there’s “Expired listings”, these are ones that have expired. The last section is “Draft”, here you can save and edit your listings, it allows you to make changes until you are happy with it to go live.

The last section of the dashboard is the invoices section where you have a record of all your invoices. These can be segregated into “paid” and “not paid”, letting you organise them so you can follow up on pending invoices and keep a track of the ones already paid for.



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