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Vital information to help set up your Breeder Organisation Account

All Breeder Organisation Accounts on our website are required to be legitimate and ethical. Hence, you must provide all the information to PetSales. Every account is individually checked by us to make sure that it is genuine. 

What is a Breeder Organisation Name?

The Breeder Organisation name is the name of the official organisation that your business is registered with, such as DOGS QLD (DOGS QLD – Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership). These organisations are critical and exist for various reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Formal registration of dogs and pups/litters.
  2. Representation of the viewpoints of members to the state and local governments, and through the ANKC to the federal government.
  3. Promotion of dogs through magazines, websites and communities 
  4. Licencing and regulating dog-based events.
  5. Promoting standards in dog behaviour, health and responsible dog ownership. 
  6. Maintaining breed standards and education.
  7. Overseeing and sanctioning events.

What is a Registered Breeder Name?

A Registered Breeder Name is the name of your business. You must register your business to list on PetSales. This can either be done by becoming members of a breed association or club (which operates a studbook or register) or another breeder association. (e.g. – DOGS NSW

Alternatively, you are considered a registered breeder when registration has been done with the relevant local authority (e.g., Pet registration). This is not the same in every jurisdiction (some jurisdictions have a separate dog breeder register), so these details need to be thoroughly checked before registration.

What is a microchip number, and why is it important?

A microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification. It is a tiny chip that is implanted just under the skin. This chip has a unique number and can be detected using a scanner. This number is registered in a database which has details of the animal and the current owner. (Pet Address)

When a pet is lost or astray, an animal shelter or local council has to scan the pet and can then contact the phone number/s registered under that microchip number. If an owner changes their address or phone number, it must be updated in the event their pet gets lost. When the animal gets a new owner, this microchip number is transferred to that person via an official change of ownership.

You must microchip a pet before it is purchased or adopted as this is the only way to trace the origin of the animal. You will not be able to advertise pets on our website without a microchip number. You can list your business and potential litter without providing a microchip number, but if you intend on selling an animal on our platform, you must microchip it.

We have created a detailed process with mandatory fields to have a platform that helps breeders find authentic and genuine owners, and to help owners find pets through legitimate and quality breeders. We made the mobile field mandatory because we will personally reach out and contact each breeder. Our “Animal Type” field is also important for you to select as it helps with Search Engine Optimisation which can help users find breeders faster.



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