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Putting Pets First


At PetSales, we want to help the right families find their missing piece. We do this by providing our users with an easy to use platform so our furry friends get the helping hand they need.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide people with a safe and easy to use platform to help pets find new homes. We want to help reduce the number of illegal and abusive pet breeding farms, with the hope of someday removing them from society completely.

Ethically Focused

We follow the RSPCA’s Guidelines for the Online Advertising of Pets to ensure animal listings are of a responsible nature and contain all necessary information. We are one of the only dedicated online market places for animals that regulates it’s listings in this way, helping more animals find new homes.


Adopt a pet. Be part of something beautiful!

Every day thousands of animals, both big and small, are trying to find new homes.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem. In our society, there are still cruel breeding farms and pet shops, that treat pets with little to no care. Fight back against these places by using PetSales. The more people that focus on a better pet to home transitions, the fewer people there will be supporting the mistreatment of animals.

Be responsible. Choose from people who care!

The irresponsible and unethical buying and selling of animals is unfortunately still a reality in our society.

Our mission at PetSales will always be to reduce this reality by helping our loving pets find loving homes in a responsible and ethical way.

Our Melbourne based company aims to prevent the unethical, irresponsible sale and mistreatment of animals, by ensuring the appropriate quality controls and safeguards are set around this process. When you help a pet find a caring home with PetSales, you are saying YES to the ethical and responsible sale of pets. Please help us stamp out the mistreatment of animals.


Adopt a pet!

Find your long life friend.